Manage your interests better through activities.

You can create new activities within your workspace to record information and data about your interests and work. Each activity can be assigned one or more customised tags that allow a high degree of detail.

Create new activities to mark your working hours, daily tasks or simply any personal interests you wish to manage and monitor. Each piece of information saved through the activities will help generate a detailed report that can be consulted at any time.

If you have a company, using the Giornaliera activities is the best way to ensure a proper distribution of work and greater alignment between your company’s resources, enabling you to reach new levels of performance.

Get the most out of your activities!

All users within the workspace can create one or more activities on a daily basis.

Yes, you can use Giornaliera to record your personal or work progress.

Yes, you can use activities to record all expenses and payments. All data will be available in reports.

Yes, if you have a Pro or Enterprise account you can use tasks to manage your employees’ shifts. You can do this by using the tags in Giornaliera, so that you have a complete overview of all your employees’ shifts.