Giornaliera is a management app developed with the aim of enabling large and small businesses to speed up and simplify the management of activities for all teams and employees, whether they work in-house or in smartworking.

Giornaliera was established in 2016 and has gone through a journey of growth and market validation over the years to develop a single solution that can be integrated into all SMEs.


Giornaliera gives you a complete and detailed overview in real time of the day-to-day activities of your company’s employees.


Aware of the fact that each economic activity has its own peculiarities, often not found in other activities even in the same sector, the software has been developed to allow the user a high degree of customisation and configuration without ever losing the simplicity of use.


The aim of Giornaliera is precisely this: to enable teams to increase their performance in order to respond more efficiently and effectively to the ever-changing demands of the market.

Find out about the features

Each feature has been developed to make Giornaliera the complete app to manage your business


The virtual workspace in which to host your team


Plan and organise all your projects


Generates detailed reports on team activities