One platform for your business

Manage your employees without boundaries. Collaborate on projects and activities and coordinate all your resources

More organisation, more performance!

With Giornaliera Enterprise, your organisation will have access to the full potential of Giornaliera. Host your employees within the app, manage their roles and create independent work teams.

Always online and always up to date!

Keep up to date with your employees’ activities. Keep track of working hours, attendance and holiday requests so that you arrive at the end of the month with your attendance register ready to send to your consultant.

All multi-user functionality and more

Host all your collaborators within your workspace without any limit in number. Every member of your organisation will be able to enjoy the benefits of Giornaliera and share activities within the app.

Establish the roles of your collaborators by appointing new admins and team leaders within the workspace. You can create work teams to facilitate collaboration on specific projects and tasks.

Access Giornaliera features directly from your desktop via the web app.

Customise the app with your company logo, name, colours and font.

Receive dedicated support on the use of Giornaliera via chat, email or telephone.


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