Multi-user functionality

Collaborate in real time.

Pro and Enterprise accounts, with the ability to host multiple users within the workspace, unlock useful features for workplace collaboration.

Decide the level of privacy for each task you create; the task will only be visible to those you want:

  • Assignees only, visible to administrators, team leaders (enterprise), who created the task and to whom it was assigned;
  • Teams (enterprise), visible to members of one or more teams;
  • Everyone, anyone in the workspace can see this task;
  • Only me, this activity is private;
  • Custom, select the list of people to whom you want to show the activity.

Decide who can edit the task once it has been created:

  • Only me and admins, the activity is editable by the person who created it and the workspace administrators;
  • Me only, the task is editable only by the person who created it;
  • Assignees only, the task is editable by the person who created it and by those to whom it has been assigned;
  • Custom, select the list of people you wish to allow to edit the task.

Decide the time limit within which the task can be edited. Setting a deadline means that the task will no longer be editable except by administrators.


Manage all your employees through Notifications. Through notifications you can send reminders to employees in your organisation by writing a personalised message. The notification of the message will be reported in real time and the user can respond to the reminder. For example, you can use notifications to remind employees to complete, record or modify tasks.

Additional multi-user functionality exclusive to Enterprise accounts:

Manage multiple workspaces through a single Giornaliera account. This will ensure more organised and efficient management in the case of larger companies.

Manage roles within your workspace. Appoint new admins and team leaders to better manage all your projects.

You can create teams within the workspace to facilitate collaboration on individual projects and tasks. Each team will report to a team leader appointed by you.