All your data always available.

Reports keep you up to date on your progress and business performance. Reports are generated automatically, helping you to make the best decisions.

You can consult the Comprehensive Reports to get a complete overview of your daily activities, or the Counting Reports that facilitate the automatic calculation of the data recorded within the workspace.

Giornaliera reports can be easily exported in .xls and .pdf format, so you can edit them later and integrate them with other sources. Once exported, your reports can be shared with anyone.

Get the best out of Reports!

Thanks to the reports you will have a complete overview of all recorded activities. There are two types of reports in Giornaliera Work: count reports, which allow you to monitor all recorded quantitative data (expenses, hours, quantities, etc.) and full reports, through which you can keep track of any additional details, notes and descriptions.

Yes, thanks to the filters you can generate comprehensive reports with all the details of your jobs and projects.

Yes, you can do this through counting reports. Thanks to the efficiency of tags and counters you can monitor your total expenses and payments through reports.

Yes, you can do this through the counting reports, which will organise all the data recorded in the workspace for you and give you a complete overview of the total hours worked by each of your employees.