Manage your interests and your work through a single App!

No more diaries, registers or worksheets. With Giornaliera you can organise your activities and your business more easily and always keep everything under control.


Thanks to its Giornaliera functionality, it allows you to record any type of data that will always be available and consultable. Discover the solutions it was designed for.

Personal usage

You can use Giornaliera to organise and monitor all your daily activities and interests. You can record your diet, workouts, study progress, places visited, goals achieved, expenses and much more. Every day can be tracked and through the reports you will always have a complete account of your activities.

For Freelancers

Giornaliera will help you organise your work and increase your productivity. You can manage and organise all your projects, without ever losing track of progress or deadlines. You can record all your daily work and generate comprehensive reports to use as your personal portfolio. Thanks to the counters, you can always keep track of your expenses and payments, freeing up valuable time for more important tasks.

For companies

If you have a company, you can host your employees in Giornaliera to keep up to date with their activities, and monitor their working hours and work. You can also record their working hours, record their attendance and manage their holiday and leave requests, so that you arrive at the end of the month with your attendance register ready to be sent to your consultant.


Do you have a company with more than 4 employees?

Discover the right solution for you with Giornaliera Enterprise, the version designed specifically for larger organisations with all the functionality you need to optimise your work.